women's rehab center in jacksonboro, south carolinaHolistic Centered Treatment Approaches

At Hammocks on the Edisto, one of our goals is to provide opportunities that teach women real-life skills to manage recovery and enrichment of their daily lives. Substance abuse not only takes a toll on your body but on your mind and spirit as well. Our holistic life enrichment and programming activities address the person and the disease of addiction as a whole. Through our on-site wellness experience activities and through our regular outings in the community our approach to recovery focuses on the promotion of physical health and engagement. Our residents establish healthy coping skills that start while in treatment and are designed to be utilized after discharge.

Wellness Coaching in Charleston, South Carolina

At Hammocks on the Edisto, a key function of the wellness coach is supporting residents in connecting the dots to their experience of treatment and entering recovery. Every resident will have weekly individual sessions and group sessions with our wellness coach. From our experience, most individuals will benefit from a mix of conversation, movement, meditation, goal setting, resource gathering, and accountability.

Individual Coaching

In individual coaching sessions, we will meet each resident where they are mentally, emotionally, and physically. The time will be tailored to be useful to them and provide them with concrete action steps that will help them to build their own set of wellness practices for their continued recovery. For residents who would benefit from movement in their sessions, we can mix practices such as:

  • Therapeutic yoga
  • Pilates
  • Functional strength training
  • Mindful organic movement
  • Mindful walking practices
  • Thai yoga therapy techniques

Also, for residents that would benefit from personalized breathwork, journaling, or meditation, we would spend time in conversation and guided practice.

Group Wellness Coaching

The types of groups facilitated by the wellness coach can include:

  • Functional movement practices
  • Breathwork and meditation practices
  • Workshop style conversations centered on overall wellness
  • Yoga theory
  • Buddhist-inspired recovery
  • Chinese medicine-based seasonal practices
  • Mindful eating meditation

We may also incorporate any of the practices mentioned previously in the individual work.

Art Therapy

This treatment will focus on identity building, breaking negative patterns, warning signs for emotional crisis, self-love, forgiveness, stages of life, letting go, and more. Our treatment team utilizes a range of different modalities of creative techniques, such as drawing, song, or painting.

Creative Writing/Poetry

We incorporate this treatment in our programming to allow our residents to express themselves without having to say anything You may utilize your writing in our interventions to address goals on your treatment plan in both group and individual sessions.

Nutritional Education

When someone is engaging in active substance use, they often overlook their diet and nutrition. Most of the time, they don’t take time to engage in activities that encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as learning to cook or buying fruits and vegetables. Instead, they continue using substances and focus on the destructive habits that perpetuate their substance use.

When a resident engages in treatment at Hammocks on the Edisto, we begin teaching her to change these actions. We start by providing nutrition therapy and teaching her to cook. In doing so, we begin providing sober living skills that she can utilize outside of treatment. In addition, we believe that cooking can be a fun and relaxing activity, allowing our residents to relieve stress in a healthy, substance-free manner. Food also brings people together from all walks of life. Therefore, we have a smoothie bar, complete with restaurant-style booths, which our residents can use to gather and work with other residents.

Cooking Demonstrations

Our executive chef will educate and teach practical cooking skills to use after you leave Hammocks on the Edisto. We will educate and practice healthy snacking options and incorporate them into the cooking demonstrations. For instance, we’ll teach our residents to make hummus, avocado ice cream, and plant-based snacks.

Smoothie Bar and Nutritional Snacks

The executive chef has designed recipes for smoothies that are health-conscious and that replenish the nutrients in your body to help you feel energized through more natural methods than high amounts of caffeine intake.

In addition, nutritional snacks are essential and will be a part of our nutritional education and cooking demonstrations. Our executive chef has prepared a “detox mix” of healthy nuts and dried fruits that are individually served to provide the energy we need throughout the day.

Evening Tea

Being near the famous Charleston Tea Garden, we will incorporate local tea into an evening routine of winding down to end our day prior to bedtime.

Pet Companionship

Having an animal companion during addiction recovery can be incredibly helpful for a wide variety of reasons. As a result, we encourage all of our residents to spend time with Nala, our black lab. She’s a warm and comforting presence in this challenging time, and she enjoys tummy rubs and long walks.

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When a resident comes to Hammocks on the Edisto, she finds long-term healing and recovery. To learn more about the benefits of women’s substance abuse treatment, please call Hammocks on the Edisto today at 833.793.0191. Contact us today to learn more about group therapy and the many other forms of treatment we offer.