women's wellness and experience programs charlestonHammocks on the Edisto takes a unique approach to addiction treatment by not only addressing the disease of addiction but also incorporating an integrated approach to recovery. Our focus on wellness is geared towards providing a variety of experiences that support our residents on their recovery journey.

Located near Charleston, South Carolina, Hammocks on the Edisto offers women’s health and wellness experiences that we’ve designed to support women’s recovery. Our wellness coach works to help residents meet their goals. We incorporate yoga, meditation, a specialized detox trail mix, a smoothie bar, and more into our offerings that are specifically designed for the needs of women. Please contact Hammocks on the Edisto today at 833.793.0191 to learn more about our women’s addiction treatment options, including yoga and meditation, wellness coaching, and community experience programs.

What Is Women’s Wellness and Experience?

When our residents come to Hammocks on the Edisto, they may be suffering. They may have experienced some form of trauma, or they may have a mental health condition that is contributing to their substance use issues. In such cases, a women’s wellness program is ideal. From the time that residents enter our program, they know that our team cares for them. Our residents have the opportunity to stay in one of our beautifully decorated semi-private rooms. However, the wellness experience doesn’t end after the women store their belongings. We also offer a range of opportunities to engage in holistic wellness.

Beginning Treatment at Our South Carolina Women’s Rehab Center

Before residents begin their treatment experience, we will help distinguish and understand the issues motivating substance use to help create individualized treatment goals. This collaboration is crucial to building a successful healing relationship. Our collaborative relationship will be our primary focus during the resident’s time at Hammocks on the Edisto as we continue to create an individualized care plan.

Hammocks on the Edisto recognizes that recovery is a process and not a single occasion. Each woman’s journey is unique in their life challenges, strengths, and where they strive to grow. Our basic principles and practices are built on the idea that addiction is a chronic disease and not an acute episode.

A substance use disorder can interrupt a woman’s world and the people around them. Unfortunately, she may not understand how to manage her needs, get help, or adequately seek treatment. Our first step is to inspire hope for transformation towards a new way of life while building a solid foundation to support a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

How Women’s Wellness Helps Treat Addiction

While our residents are in our program, they’ll take part in all of our evidence-based treatment programs. During our substance abuse treatment program, patients meet with a counselor in a variety of treatment options such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

Similarly, they may learn coping skills to help manage stress such as:

  • Directed breathing
  • Meditation
  • Immersion in nature
  • Mindful organic movement
  • Workshop style conversations centered on overall wellness

Aside from the serenity and relaxation offered at a women’s wellness retreat, residents may take classes in fitness, nutrition, or collaborative sports to improve the way they feel about themselves. Self-esteem plays an important role in general wellness. Therefore, a wellness retreat is the perfect setting to work on improving it.

Seek Treatment at Hammocks on the Edisto

In South Carolina, Hammocks on the Edisto offers women’s substance abuse treatment that can help our residents live a healthy lifestyle. Through behavioral counseling, good nutrition, meditation, and more, we help them work through their problems to achieve a well-balanced life. Wellness means so much more than eating right and getting enough sleep. It’s an active process that produces long-term well-being. Contact us today at 833.793.0191 or visit us online to learn more about how health and wellness are incorporated into our women’s addiction treatment program.

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