addiction treatment therapy programs near charlestonAt Hammocks on the Edisto, residents participate in an intensive and focused discovery of root cause and addiction patterns. These lay the groundwork for their daily routine, meeting schedule, and self-care regimen. Nutrition and overall wellness of the body and mind are paramount to a healthy lifestyle. At Hammocks on the Edisto, we believe finding the right therapeutic regimen is essential for our residents’ recovery. To begin the admissions process, please contact Hammocks on the Edisto today at 833.793.0191. We offer a variety of options for individual therapy and group therapy programs, as well as trauma-informed care.

Individual Therapy in Charleston, South Carolina

Individual therapy is one modality with a wide range of applications. Because the sessions only occur between a resident and one of our clinicians, the resident gets all of the therapist’s attention, providing focused and intensive treatment. Through individual therapy, our residents can gain a greater understanding of their condition and why it impacts them.

If the resident has a mental health condition that their addiction has caused, individual therapy can also help them address their symptoms concurrently. Individual therapy can address both substance abuse and concurrent mental illness.

Using trauma-informed care in our individual therapy programs allows our therapists to address our residents’ challenges and help them come to terms with their trauma.


Family Support

At Hammocks on the Edisto, we believe that incorporating the family at the outset of the treatment experience, even before admission, can be essential to one’s success. When someone is admitted to our facility, they will have the opportunity to have their family engaged on a weekly basis for Family Support sessions with other families via telehealth and in person. There are also other opportunities to engage in counseling sessions with the resident and their therapist.


Group Therapy

For those who come to Hammocks on the Edisto, our group therapy option is an invaluable recovery option. We can host this therapeutic option in nearly any location, from our well-apportioned therapy room to our lovely porch to our dining room table.

With our beautiful campus and home-like environment, Hammocks on the Edisto takes the opportunity to create a healing environment for our residents. We’ll take the time to listen to our residents’ challenges and help them overcome them. We teach our residents how to manage their addictions and learn how to make healthy changes in the future. Each resident will take part in group therapy. However, the timeline looks different for each person because there is no single way to treat substance abuse for everyone.

Group therapy and counseling are successful when our residents connect to other people who can share the burdens and joys of their experiences. In group therapy, residents help each other by sharing those experiences and the wisdom they’ve gained. Our therapists will facilitate discussions about topics that are relevant to the resident’s healing and recovery. Groups can utilize a range of formats to make significant changes while at Hammocks on the Edisto.

Process Groups

This therapy group is facilitated by a therapist where residents discuss relevant issues at the moment. It utilizes the process for practical problem-solving, feedback, assistance, and insight.

Psychoeducation Groups

Staff from various disciplines, including medical experts or nurses, will utilize their expertise and passions to facilitate education. They may also encourage discussion on a variety of topics related to understanding addiction and the recovery process. These groups will include using therapies and interventions to address substance use disorders and related issues.

Mutual-Help/Twelve-Step Facilitation

Our residents regularly engage in mutual-help groups, such as 12-step therapy, AA, NA, and similar organizations. This treatment is a standard part of the healing process through fellowship and engagement with residents. Doing so helps our residents achieve sobriety and learn to incorporate and practice skills learned through an introduction to the 12 Steps or other groups daily.

Life-Enrichment Activities

The sober living skills one can obtain in a group format through other non-traditional holistic therapies. Furthermore, we use health and nutrition classes, exercises, and recreational outings to change and expand one’s horizons. Throughout our residents’ treatment stay, they will participate in activities and experiences that strengthen their journey into a lifestyle of recovery.

Overcome Addiction with Hammocks on the Edisto

Hammocks on the Edisto is committed to providing women with the tools and support necessary to recover from addiction. There is hope for the future. Please reach out to Hammocks on the Edisto at 833.793.0191 today to learn more about the women’s rehab programs and options available.