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Jonas Coatsworth, CEO & Chief of Clinical Services

Jonas Coatsworth obtained his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the College of Charleston in 1999 and his Master of Arts in Psychology from The Citadel Graduate College in 2003. With a phenomenal background in recovery programs, as well as an extensive amount of experience dealing with opioid addiction, W. Jonas Coatsworth has built over a decade of passionate caregiving into a lifelong passion to aid others. He is a dedicated advocate and caregiver for all of our patients and brings an incredible amount of support to the recovery process.

“I consider it a privilege to be able to share in one’s journey as they enter into a relationship with recovery and to be a part of this impactful time in one’s life. The installation of hope is central in my work in helping to build a therapeutic relationship that is grounded in trust, genuineness, empathy, and understanding which serves as the catalyst to promote change. My experiences in life, clinical practice, administration, and advocacy have guided me to this moment and I am truly blessed with this opportunity to create a program and experience with an excellent team at Hammocks on the Edisto to meet the challenges we all face!”

Katie Carter, Director of Admissions

Katie obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the College of Charleston and her Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling from The Citadel Graduate College. A passionate professional, Katie has over 10 years of experience in behavioral health care in both South Carolina and Pennsylvania. With extensive expertise in additional fields like admissions, administration, and insurance authorizations, Katie is an incredible asset to our team and our patients alike.

“Our patients’ journey to health, happiness, and healing begins with seeking treatment and asking for help. I am honored to be a small part of their path to recovery by guiding them through the admission and treatment process, working together to find the best fit for their unique needs.”

Deana Weiler, Director of Business Development/Marketing

Deana Weiler obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration, with a focus in Marketing, from Loyola College in Maryland. Since then, she’s spent the past 17 years in the healthcare field, specifically in business development and marketing. Deana has extensive experience working in the pharmaceutical, senior living/care, and addiction segments of the healthcare field. She’s a passionate and dedicated advocate for the care of others.

“Recovery is a journey that starts with one single decision. The decision that you no longer want to continue on the path you’re on, and that you want, and deserve more for yourself and your future. It is my passion to help others on their journey to recovery towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.”

Chad Paitl, Director of Facility Operations

Chad obtained his BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Michigan State University and his MA in Education from College of Charleston. He entered the field of behavioral healthcare in 1990 and has since accumulated over 25 years of experience, working in the areas of Plant Operations, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Health Information Systems, Utilization Management, Admissions, Patient Advocacy, and Marketing.

“I believe in the strength of faith, hope and love as guiding influences for recovery. I am honored to be part of a great team serving those pursuing recovery, and am eager to assist our residents on their journey through the treatment process and subsequent healing.”

Janie Ilderton, Director of Business Office/Human Relations

I have been working in the hospital business office and patient financial counseling arena for 25 years with the last 15 years in the behavioral health area. I have worked in all levels of care from outpatient to inpatient, and both medical and mental health. With 16 years personal recovery experience I am well aware of the importance of working with patients toward arrangements that will help them and not hinder them in their recovery from the disease of addiction.

“Health and money are two of the top stressors in any person’s life and anything that I am able to do to lessen this stress especially with someone just beginning the recovery journey is the most important aspect of my job. I am especially thankful to be working with the truly caring and talented staff at Hammocks on the Edisto.”

Robin Brooks, Director of Nursing

Robin Brooks RN, LMT, TTT has over 25 years of experience as a medical and behavioral healthcare leader, manager, and service provider. This includes work in both the public and private sectors, for-profit and 501©3 non-profit entities. Robin has extensive medical experience in the primary and tertiary health care system.

Robin is the co-founder of 3 Days Rising Inc-a a non-profit ministry that operates in multiple states, providing comfort, encouragement, and hope for those searching for spiritual solutions. She is also an entrepreneur, owning and operating a highly successful bed and breakfast in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

Robin’s entry into the public sector began in 1998 as a nurse in the Opioid Treatment Program in Charleston, South Carolina. Later in her career, this vocation evolved into working in an outreach program serving clients with addictive and co-occurring mental health disorders in a rural community. In 2006, she managed the medical services system for October Road Inc-a privatized behavioral healthcare company that she also co-founded in western North Carolina, serving over 1,000 un-replicated clients per year.

During this time, Robin acquired certification as an Equine Therapist and utilized this intervention within a residential substance abuse/mental health treatment program. Her skills in gaining trust, through communicating authentically and compassionately with those suffering from addiction and trauma, helped numerous clients engage effectively in this experiential model. She has invested hundreds of hours facilitating group and experiential therapies with these clients.

Robin holds degrees in nursing and in massage/bodywork therapy. She has acquired additional certification in Trauma Touch Therapy, Esalen Massage Therapy, as well as Cranio-sacral therapy. She adheres to a holistic approach to rehabilitation and lifestyle change.

Robin is married to Jeff Brooks-her best friend of 28 years. She is the mother of two adult children, two beautiful grandchildren, and two wonderful puppies. Her hobbies include travel, cooking, being in nature, and gardening.

“Working with folks on their quest for wholeness in life has been one of the most profound and exciting honors of my life. I believe we all desire and deserve to discover what is available for us as we navigate this world and find meaning and purpose. Recovery is beautiful AND POSSIBLE and I love watching people discover what is available for them in this life. It’s sacred ground!”

Margaret Minch, Chef

Margaret has a bachelor’s degree in History/Anthropology from Winthrop University. After completing her 4-year degree, she went to Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, SC, and graduated with an A.S. in Culinary Arts in 2001. From there she went to work at the Charleston Grill and learned the art of fine dining under the tutelage of Chef Bob Waggoner and Chef Michelle Weaver. Margaret also owned and operated a small restaurant and catering business in West Ashley, On the Fly for three years. She has worked in many other kitchens, gaining knowledge of different types of cuisine along the way. Most notably, working at the Besh Steakhouse, under Chef John Besh. She was also the part-time chef for the owners of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Most recently, Margaret has worked at a Plantation, where she cooked all meals for members of an exclusive hunting club. Over the decade that she worked there, she learned how to cater to certain individual needs and how to cook wild game. This job was by far, her favorite, and is extremely excited to go on this amazing journey that Hammock’s is sure to be.

“When I first heard about Hammock’s Recovery, I knew that it was something that I wanted to be a part of. I love that I could make a difference in these women’s lives. Personally, I have recovered from an eating disorder, as well as substance abuse addiction. I can empathize with these women, but more importantly, I can hopefully give them some important tools to take with them when they leave Hammock’s. Eating nutritious meals with a group and sitting at a table are some aspects that may be missing in these women’s lives. Scheduled meal times along with healthy snacks are paramount in the road to recovery, and we aim to nourish their body as well as their souls.”

Dr. John Emmel, M.D., Chief of Medical Services

Dr. John Emmel has been actively treating addiction since 1980. He’s a board certified physician in both Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine. Additionally, he serves as a Medical Director/Consultant to the SC State Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services. Dr. Emmel’s lifelong passion for helping people engage in active recovery is evident not only in his individual clinical work, but also in his teaching/training of other professionals in the field of addiction.

“The chronic disease of addiction, together with all of its consequences, is the biggest medical problem the country faces. I have dedicated myself to being an integral part of the team of professionals assisting each individual in finding his/her personal path to recovery.”


Dr. Constance Alexander, M.D., Co-Founder/Chief of Addiction and Psychiatry

Dr. Connie Alexander graduated from St. George’s University School of Medicine, and completed her residency program in Adult Psychiatry at The Medical University of South Carolina in 1999. She is Board Certified with the American Board of Psychiatry and specializes in addiction medicine and adult psychology. Dr. Alexander combines an incredible amount of experience and knowledge with compassionate care for all of our patients in recovery. This dedication to the process is a true asset.

Dr. Virgil Alfaro, M.D., Co-Founder

Dr. Virgil Alfaro is committed to a 12-Step Recovery Program. He is a founding member of Charleston Neurosciences Institute and has edited and published 7 textbooks and multiple peer-review papers. Hailing from South Texas, he served in the USAF Medical Corps and also worked at Whitman Walker Clinic, an outpatient facility dedicated to the management of HIV AIDS.